Class Schedule; SWOT Analysis; Final Presentation Requirements

Monday, 19 Sept.
SWOT Reports Due  Based on the SWOT Analysis videos presented in class:
SWOT Analysis with Erica Olsen One-Minute SWOT Analysis diagrams video

See the SWOT Analysis Overview here.

  • For your Large & Medium company: Prepare a 1-page SWOT Diagram for each
  • For your Small company: Prepare a 1-page SWOT Diagram AND Prepare a 1-page of Ideas & Action Plans to Capitalize, Shore-Up, Invest & Identify (see One-Minute SWOT Analysis diagrams video.)

QUIZ: Ch. 11 Marketing

Review Final Presentation Requirements

Wed., 21 Sept.
Final Presentation Requirements: a 7-10 minute slide presentation to the class

  1. Present an Overview slide of each of your companies.
  2. What company/job/type of employment are you targeting upon graduation or before?
  3. What have you learned in profiling your companies?
  4. How will this help you in seeking employment?

Welcome to Business Administration 115

Welcome to the fascinating world of business. Here is the course Syllabus with details on course content, timeframes and grading. Our learning objectives for this course are:
1. Use business terminology effectively.
2. Recommend management functions and leadership style for a new business.
3. Identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of business within your community.
4. Define the role of ethics and social responsibility in business.

In addition to the book “Business: A Changing World” (8th ed.), a key element of this course will be your Benchmark Assignment – a Business Journal that you will create documenting 3 local community businesses. Because the Benchmark is the majority of your grade, the Benchmark Grading Criteria will provide an understanding of the what I am looking for in your reports and presentations.

Your Goals, Contact Info and Attendance Policy

Your Three Businesses
Please be thinking of 3 businesses that you would like to profile:

> One large ( such as Target, Intel, Sears, Regence, clothing chain, etc.)
> One medium ( such as Freddys, Mentor Graphics, OHSU, car dealer, computer stores, etc.)
> One smaller/small (small Mom & Pop shops, service businesses, landscape maintenance, vintage clothing stores, Hawthorne shops, etc.).

Have fun! Select businesses you like and/or would want to know more about. You will need to submit your choices and I must approve them. But the small, medium, large designation is flexible. The goal is for you to research and write about the differing styles of very small small to very large businesses to understand both their uniquenesses, differences and their similarities.

I look forward to helping in your your educational and discovery process – and enjoying knowing more about your companies and your passions.

Best regards,
Bobbi Harrison